Rhinogenous deafness treatments

Terapia convenzionata con il Servizio Sanitario Nazionale

Diagnosi in convenzione:

  • Tubal dysfunction
  • Hearing loss
  • Oto/salpingitis/tubaritis
  • Mixed deafness/rhinogenous deafness
  • Tubal stenosis
  • Tubaritis
  • Tubotimpanitis
  • Chronic catarrhal otitis/chronic purulent otitis
  • Tubal catarrh
Rhinogenous deafness consists in a decrease in hearing that derives from inflammatory processes of the upper respiratory tract and in children it is frequently associated with an enlargement of the tonsils and adenoids.

The Rhinogenous Deafness treatment cycle includes a thorough specialist examination with an audio-impedance examination and the execution of endotympanic and/or politzer insufflations.

The endotympanic insufflations and the politzers use exclusively the gas obtained from the thermal water, which is brought directly, through a special cannula, to the auditory pathways and middle ear. They ensure the ventilation of the tympanic cavity restoring the hearing loss, resolving and preventing the onset of inflammatory processes affecting the ear.

The gas of the thermal water within these very small cavities favours the restoration of the hearing ability, temporarily reduced, for example, in the case of colds.

This therapy is often indicated for children, because they easily present a hearing loss due to repeated colds and/or otitis.

The rhinogenous deafness cycle includes a medical examination upon admission, an audio/impedance examination, 12 inhalation treatments and 12 insufflations/politzer
  • Medical examination upon admission
  • Audio-impedance examination
  • 24 treatments: 
12 insufflations/politzer;
12 inhalations / aerosol
Prescription charge if required € 299.00 € 262.00 

Sonic supplement: € 2.00 per day - € 20.00 for 12 treatments
Inhalation treatment kit: € 2.50 (clevis and/or mask and/or rhinojet + handkerchiefs & cap package)
Compulsory medical examination for the admission of treatments and medical assistance included in the therapeutic programmes € 55.00
Insufflation/politzer single treatment € 22.00


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