Relax and physical and mental well-being are guaranteed with our thermal treatments.

Thermae Oasis with its thermal treatments is a wellness centre, an exclusive facility in the province of Ferrara, located in the Po Delta Park in the Lido delle Nazioni, a few steps away from the sea.

Set between the greenery of the Delta Park and the ponds of the Comacchio Valleys, once an area of ‚Äč‚Äčancient Etruscan settlements, the "Thermae Oasis" evoke the charm of fascinating places that seem out of time.

The interior and exterior of the Thermal Complex represent a perfect balance between harmony and energy.

If the interior depicts a combination of Pompeian furnishings and decorations that give a feeling of psycho-physical serenity, the external Gardens, with their rocky context of ancient ruins, awaken one's dormant energies and the desire for rebirth.

The Thermae Oasis' thermal treatments are inspired by a particular philosophy: each breath is a step on the path that leads to a psycho-physical balance.

An island of well-being in the heart of the Comacchio Valleys where you can experience nature and emotions.


The National Health Service (ASL, INPS e INAIL) grants a single treatment cycle every year. All citizens can enjoy a cycle of thermal treatments at the expense of the National Health Service by freely choosing the most suitable and approved thermal facility. 

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A journey through time, between waterfalls, vapours and bubbles

An enchanted place is developed in the peace of a gorgeous garden that welcomes you sweetly, the senses being wrapped between whispered musical notes and delicate floral scents, time appears suspended, and the journey in discovering one's absolute well-being begins...


About us

A team of wellness professionals within our Thermal Medical Centre.
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Our thermal water

Our thermal water is a sodium chloride, bromide and iodine water type; it flows within a large underground aquifer that has existed for thousands of years, located just below the Thermal Centre at a depth of about 380 meters.
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